Trailer: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright De-Age In Robert Zemeckis’ “Here”

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright star in HERE. Sony Pictures

“Forrest Gump” director (Robert Zemickis), writer (Eric Roth), and stars (Tom Hanks, Robin Wright) reunite for the upcoming Sony Pictures feature “Here.” The fifth film collaboration between Zemeckis and Hanks, “Here” hits theaters November 15.

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright star in HERE. Sony Pictures

“Here” travels through generations as it follows the lives of multiple familes in one specific location. Based on Richard McGuire’s graphic novel, the feature has Tom Hanks and Robin Wright de-aged via the AI-assisted technology Metaphysic Live. Shooting the movie in a fixed area is also an interesting experiment, and one wonders if an assumedly static camera will be an effective creative choice.

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright star in HERE. Sony Pictures

The “Here” ensemble includes Paul Bettany, Kelly Reilly, Michelle Dockery, David Flynn and Nikki Amuka-Bird.

With a resume that includes the “Back to the Future” films, “Flight,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “Contact” and of course “Forrest Gump,” Zemeckis is one of the top filmmakers working today. I have skipped his last several movies due to lack of interest in the subject matter, but “Here” is right up my alley. Comment below if you are excited to see “Here” or if you will skip this movie altogether!

Rated PG-13, “Here” hits theaters November 15. Check out the trailer!

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