Trailer: Hugh Grant, Blueberry Pie, and Pure Horror With ‘Heretic’


The trailer to “Heretic,” a new psychological horror starring Hugh Grant, has just debuted. Sophie Thatcher and Chloe East play young missionaries who test their faith after a tragic meeting with Mr. Reed (Hugh Grant). Check out the trailer and share your thoughts in the comments!

Courtesy of A24

The “Heretic” trailer suggests a slow burn thriller as Mr. Reed (Hugh Grant) leads his scared guests (Sophie Thatcher, Chloe East) through the intricate and seemingly dangerous areas of his domicile.

“I won’t keep you if you wish to leave,” says Mr. Reed in the trailer. “But I want you to choose which door to go through, based on your faith!”

Courtesy of A24

Writer/directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods previously directed the Adam Driver headlined “65.” The pair also were co-writers on the 2023 feature The Boogeyman (with Mark Heyman), and that feature starred “Heretic” actress Sophie Thatcher.

Catch the A24 horror/thriller “Heretic” in theaters November 15 and make sure to “Question Everything!”

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