Trailer: Freddie Prinze Jr. and Monica Potter Reunite To Find ‘The Girl in the Pool’

"The Girl in the Pool" - Photos courtesy of Quiver Distribution

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Monica Potter starred together in 2001’s “Head Over Heels,” and now they are back together with “The Girl in the Pool.” Trailer is below and it’s a doozy!!

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The narrative centers on Tom (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and unhappily married man (Monica Potter plays his wife Kristen) who is having the worst birthday party of his life. His mistress is discovered floating in his pool, and Tom hides the corpse from his family and friends. I’m assuming the rest of the story has Tom attempting to keep his deadly (or is it deathly?) secret to himself. Maybe after the party ends Tom can properly dispose of his lover, but until then he is in deep, deep trouble!!

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Gabrielle Hugh in “The Girl in the Pool” (Quiver Distribution)

I love trashy thrillers, and my love for “The Girl in the Pool’s” Prinze Jr. and Potter has me invested. Kevin Pollak co-stars as Kristen’s suspicious dad, with Tyler Lawrence Grey and Gabrielle Haugh rounding out the ensemble. Dakota Gorman directs from Jackson Reid Williams’ screenplay.

It would be interesting if the girl actually isn’t dead or if his wife is the actual murderer. Those are my two guesses without seeing the movie.

Will you be seeing “The Girl in the Pool” when it hits theaters, Digital and On Demand July 26? Let us know in the comments!

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