Trailer: Dan Stevens And Bérénice Marlohe Flip On The ‘Kill Switch’

Dan Stevens - The Kill Switch
I really loved Dan Stevens in the Shout! Factory flick The Ticket and I’m intrigued by the gaming, VFX elements behind Stevens’ upcoming film Kill Switch. That being said, I’m posting due to my insane appreciation for Kill Switch actress Berenice Marlohe (she starred in one of my favorite romantic dramas – 5 to 7). But enough of that, check out the trailer and plot details behind Kill Switch after the jump!

Bérénice Marlohe and scary looking dude in a hoodie in “Kill Siwtch” (Saban Films).

Kill Switch, penned and directed by Tim Smit, centers on a pilot named Will Porter (Stevens) who is trying to save humanity. When an experiment for unlimited energy goes sideways, it’s up to Porter, who from the looks of the trailer is bouncing back and forth between parallel universes, to save the day. Charity Wakefield, best known stateside for her work in the short-lived NBC series The Player, co-stars with Marlohe.

Kill Switch
Dan Stevens in “Kill Switch.” (Saban Films)

Based on Smit’s own short What’s In The Box?, Kill Switch has that first person shooter, VFX driven aesthetic of Hardcore Henry (which I still haven’t seen). The trailer has me intrigued, and even if this movie looked horrible I’d see it just to support Marlohe’s endeavors (if you haven’t seen 5 to 7, it’s a must see and features great chemistry between the late Anton Yelchin and Marlohe).

Kill Switch
Charity Wakefield in “Kill Switch.” (Saban Films)

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think! If I get a screener link of the movie I’ll be reviewing it either on this site or the CinemAddicts podcast.

Kill Switch hits select theaters and is available On Demand June 16.

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