Trailer: ‘Beau Is Afraid’ Of . . . Supertramp?

Feature, directed by Ari Aster, is headlined by Joaquin Phoenix.


Joaquin Phoenix teams with director Ari Aster for Beau Is Afraid, and the trailer debuted this morning. Previously named Disappointments Blvd., the project is Aster’s follow up to 2019’s Midsommar. Set your calendar to April 21 for some Beau Is Afraid watching!!

The official Beau Is Afraid plotline cites that Joaquin Phoenix is “paranoid man embarks on an epic odyssey to get home to his mother in this bold and ingeniously depraved new film from writer-director Ari Aster.” 

With Supertramp’s catchy “Goodbye Stranger” playing throughout the trailer, we witness the titular protagonist (Phoenix) venture through a series of surreal and oftentimes nightmarish locations. A mixture of live action and animation, Beau Is Afraid could be Aster’s strangest and most visually innovative offerings to date.

Rounding out the ensemble are Nathan Lane, Amy Ryan, Parker Posey and Patti LuPone. The feature comes out April 21, and check out the trailer below!!

Let us know if Beau Is Afraid is a feature you are excited to see!

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