The Voice Blind Auditions, Night 2: Adam Wakefield, Angie Keilhauer + Kata Hay Bring Country Cool


It’s night two of The Voice Blind Auditions and everyone is still buzzing about Alisan Porter’s performance from the night before. While she appears to be the early frontrunner, there are still plenty of spots left on every coach’s teams. So who will sing their hearts out and join the competition? Let’s get into the Night Two Blind Auditions.

27-year-old Joe Vivona kicks off the night. The New Jersey amusement park worker went to college for audio engineering, but soon found a love for singing. While still fresh in his craft, he doesn’t have high expectations. Claiming a love for rock and soul music, he takes on John Mayer’s “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” and his raspy soul deliver gets Adam Levine to turn around within the first two lines. Blake Shelton turns mid-performance, and with a killer final note, Pharrell Williams decides he needs to punch in as well. Adam loves his voice and storytelling quality, but points out a few pitch problems he can help with. Pharrell says he feels he can help with his nerves, and Blake says he electrified the room. Joe says he’s going to go with his 95-year-old grandfather’s favorite and picks Pharrell.

Next up, 15-year-old Florida native Shalyah Fearing who sings in a family band, often performing at coffee shops. She’s been a fan of The Voice and decided to try out. Despite her young age, she has voice with a deeper register that sounds way beyond her years. She belts V. Bozeman’s “What Is Love,” and her blend of power and soul immediately hits Christina Aguilera who turns around early in the performance. None of the other coaches turn, but Christina is overly thrilled with Shalyah’s performance.

33-year-old Adam Wakefield from Nashville by way of New Hampshire grew up in a musical family and started a band with his brother, but his brother passed away. But his girlfriend kept him on the straight and narrow, convinced him to move to Nashville and his country blues vibe has started to pay off for him a bit. Adam decides to take on the George Jones classic “Tennessee Whiskey.” Adam turns on the first line, while Blake waits for a big note showing more range before he punches in. Adam and Blake get into a rather pointed debate about country being inclusive, with each making strong points, while both praising Wakefield’s voice and sound. In the end, he picks Blake.

15-year-old Caroline Burns was highly thought of, though she missed getting a chair turn last season. She returned home, reunited with her band and practiced more. Her father raised her on many classic tracks and she chooses Carole King’s “So Far Away” for her performance. Though she starts a little breathy, Adam turns fairly early. And at the last minute, Blake gets in as well. Adam says he’s so proud that he heard her and appreciated it and that she’s improved leaps and bounds. Blake thanks her for coming back and says she was so composed this time. She chooses Adam and even Blake admits that Adam might be the best choice for her.

16-year-old Emily Keener hails from Ohio and she grew up in a musical family. She got her first guitar at 10 and started playing shows and songwriting a couple of years later. For her performance, Emily goes with Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” giving it a darker tone. Blake is wowed and immediately chimes in. Soon after, Christina follows and Adam and Pharrell turn simultaneously. However, after an impressive start, there were a few odd vocal parts before she regained her command with a powerful ending. Blake says her voice is a completely new sound, and Adam loves where she took the arrangement. Pharrell says the performance was breathtaking and he loved her usage of different tones. Christina feels that her talent comes from pure passion. Despite the impassioned pleas and begging from each coach, Emily chooses Pharrell.

Next up is 38-year-old Laith Al-Saadi from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s always played music for a living, but is wondering what’s next at his age. He started playing at age 8 and his last job was as a teenager before he started booking gigs. He’s a fan of classic rock and blues and chooses to go with Joe Cocker’s “The Letter” for his performance. He delivers a bluesy, gravelly performance and he’s equally adept on guitar. There’s a little gamesmanship, as Adam and Blake wait until late trying to psych the other coach’s out. Blake says his voice is so enormous and he loves his sound. Adam loves his control and guitar playing and Pharrell has him do the solo again to a standing ovation. Adam makes the better pitch and Laith chooses him.

Georgia-based Angie Keilhauer is the next performer, having moved from El Salvador. The 24-year-old worked plenty of odd jobs before taking a job as a singer on a cruise ship. She chooses the song “I Hold On” from Dierks Bentley for her performance, and admits that while she loves Blake Shelton, she’s also always admired Christina Aguilera’s voice. With a rasp, some soul and interesting inflections, she has both Blake and Christina engaged but waiting to push. Eventually, Blake and Adam turn simultaneously and Pharrell gets in late. Adam says she kept getting better and better as the song continued and he’s ready to fight for her to be on his team. Blake says that there’s something very undisciplined about her performance and he loves it. In the end, she chooses Blake.

Before we get to the final performance of the night, we see the dreaded montage of Christina picking up raspy voiced Lacy Mandigo who belted “Son of a Preacher Man,” Pharrell adding smooth vocalist Jonathan Bach who sang “Born This Way,” and pop singer Katharine Ho sang “Wildest Dreams” before choosing Adam over Blake.

Finishing out the evening, 28-year-old Kata Hay moved to Nashville from Oklahoma to pursue her music dreams and works at a karaoke bar to get by. She picks Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” and her performance is full of attitude and sass while showing plenty of vocal strength. At the last second, Adam turns and Pharrell and Christina punch in too making sure not to be left out. When Kata sees this, she runs to kiss Adam for turning and then kisses Pharrell and Christina. When Christina says that seeing her kiss Adam, she fears she has no shot, Kata reveals that Christina was her first girl crush and Christina says they should just make out so they can get to work. The look on Pharrell’s face is priceless. Then she says if Kata picks her there’s more of that to come. In the end she picks Christina, though struggling over the decision.

So at the end of the night, Pharrell has six vocalists, Christina and Adam have five and Blake has four. But where do the night’s singers rank? See our Voice Blind Audition picks below.

The Voice Blind Auditions Night Two Rankings

8. Shalyah Fearing (Team Christina)
7. Caroline Burns (Team Adam)
6. Emily Keener (Team Pharrell)
5. Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam)
4. Kata Hay (Team Christina)
3. Angie Keilhauer (Team Blake)
2. Joe Vivona (Team Pharrell)
1. Adam Wakefield (Team Blake)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Angie Keilhauer -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” — Pictured: Angie Keilhauer — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)


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