‘The Ultimate Gary Vee Experience’ Is Up For Grabs With The “All In Challenge”

YouTube Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/garyvee
The All In Challenge is something that is definitely needed in the world today, and entrepreneur/VaynerX chairman Gary Vaynerchuk is taking part by giving fans a chance to bid for “The Ultimate GaryVee Experience.” Being a daily consumer of GaryVee’s podcast and more recently Tea Time with GaryVee, I’ll be one of the many bidders looking to win this experience.

The winning bidder for The Ultimate GaryVee Experience will get (along with a plus one):
  1. Attend Garage Sales with Gary Vee (where he will probably teach you the “flip” life) and appear on a Trash Talk episode.
  2. Workout with GV and his personal trainer Mike Vacanti
  3. A $25,000 shopping spree at Wine Library
  4. Attending and tailgating a NY Jets game with GV (it’s his big dream to some day own the Jets!)
  5. One week at VaynerMedia
  6. Appearance on the podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience (again it’s a daily pod I consistently consume)
  7. Drinks and dinner for you and seven of your friends at Hunt and Fish Club (NYC)
  8. Attend three of Gary Vee’s speaking events through the year with the ability to bring a plus one.

One of the coolest parts of Gary Vee taking part in the #AllInChallenge was his decision to call out Timbaland and wrestling icon The Undertaker to also accept the challenge in the video.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s insistence that people continue to create content (on a massive scale) on various platforms to build brand and connect with people is a message that definitely resonates with me (and countless others). He provides value added information with his keynote talks, meetings with clients, and his one-on-one conversations with people needing salient advice. As a lifelong radio guy, my ears perked up when he said voice/audio will be the next big thing (make sure you build your brand so it has a high ranking on various voice devices like Alexa!).

Some folks may be initially turned off by his use of cuss words now and again, but honestly they would be missing out on a ton of valuable insight on how to grow your business and/or brand. I’ve consumed his content for over three years and have been actually meaning to post something about Vaynerchuk, and today’s All In Challenge was the perfect opportunity for that very first post.

Starting bids for the All In Challenge start at $10, go to the campaign’s official page for further details.

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