‘The Long Sip With Mattie Do’ Chapter 3: Dream Projects, Microbudget Filmmaking, and Close-Ups


This is Chapter 3 of a long conversation/hangout with The Long Walk director Mattie Do. Find Your Film co-hosts Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey, along with Movie Bears Podcast’s William Lindus, took part in the hang. Over this several hour conversation, Do talks about her filmmaking technique, journey to become a director, and her passion for ballet.

Although it helps to have watched The Long Walk before checking out Chapter 3 of this conversation, much of the discussion is evergreen insights on the filmmaking process. If you have seen Do’s movies (Chanthaly, Dearest Sister, The Long Walk), you will also enjoy the opening part of the video in which she discusses one of her dream projects (one that is infused by ballet).

Mattie Do, raised in Los Angeles, flourised as a filmmaker when she moved to Laos over a decade ago with husband Christopher Larsen. Do’s trio of features (Chanthaly, Dearest Sister, The Long Walk) were penned by Larsen. Do’s movies are distinct in their vision and, at least to this cinephile and my betters (William Lindus, Bruce Purkey, Eric Holmes), her movies really strike a resonant chord.

“I just need to be able to tell the stories that I love,” said Mattie Do. “I just need to put something out there that certain people want to see and need. I just want to tell the stories that fills a gap for a certain audience that is waiting for that gap to be filled. And to tell something that never existed before and needs to exist, because otherwise I’m not that interested. It’s really not about the money. As long as I can feed my dogs and myself, I’m pretty f**king happy.”

Below is a breakdown of Chapter 3. I’ve also put the previous chapters as well at the bottom of the post!


4:00 – One of Mattie’s dream projects is inspired by the Giselle ballet and her love for dogs!
18:36 – Having an assured vision of her movies and collaborating with The Long Walk cinematographer Matthew Macar.
22:30 – Eric Holmes is thinking of using one of Mattie Do’s recipes/sauces as a glaze for his steak!! Also he discusses one of his pet peeves (he’s against all the gatekeepers of cinema)
27:50 – On the influence of having Matthew Macar on the production as opposed to the original cinematographer
29:22 – Mattie talks about how not knowing the “traditional mold” on making films might be a reason why some cinephiles describe her movies as “ambitious.”
32:00 – One of Mattie’s passions is to give notes and insights to other filmmakers.
33:15 – In general, Mattie prefers three takes when shooting a scene.
36:40 – On how emotions drives her filmmaking and also why she loves putting a ton of trust with the audience
39:17 – Mattie Do talks about why her favorite film is Ratatouille.
40:08William Lindus talks about making “The Long Sip,” the drink created by Mattie Do (ingredients are featured in the The Long Walk Blu-ray)
41:44 – Do wants her movies to feel “super immersive”
46:20 – Do talks about the CGI used in The Long Walk (which is very little)
49:20 – This “Brain Melts My Movie” or “This Movie Melts My Brain”
49:44 – The Long Walk trailer


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