Terry Crews: “There Is Never A Feeling Of Aloneness” With ‘America’s Got Talent’ (VIDEO)

Truth to tell, I have not seen one single season of America’s Got Talent or America’s Got Talent: The Champions but Terry Crews delivered a candid sales pitch on why AGT is more than just a passive viewing experience. Video of Crew offering up his take on the AGT communal experience is below!

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS — “The Champions Three” — Pictured: (l-r) Miki Dark, Heidi Klum, Terry Crews — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

In the video Crews, who did the interview with AGT staple Howie Mandel and Alesha Dixon, explained why there is no sense of “aloneness” when watching the show:

When you look at the age of social media, everyone is alone together. And it’s kinda weird. You’re streaming (and) you’re by yourself. You’re not really around other people. But AGT – there is never a feeling of aloneness. You are always watching it as a crowd. You’re watching the reactions of everyone. Even if you’re watching it on TV, you’re with a family or you feel the energy of the crowd and this is something you cannot replace. This is what vaudeville did. This is what Carol Burnett did. I was a big Carol Burnett fan growing up and this is what AGT provides for so many people right now.

***Here’s the full video version of Crews’ comments, and in the beginning of the clip he talks about the unique talent that is part of the AGT universe (he gives props to tambourine master Gonzo as well).

This was my first time sitting in an interview setting with Crews, and he definitely brought a genuine energy to the proceedings. This passionate take on AGT definitely means I’m giving the series a shot tonight. Are you a lifelong fan of the show, and if so do you agree with Crews’ assertion?

America’s Got Talent airs tonight on NBC (8 pm et/pt).