Stephen Moyer Elaborates On The “Prescient” And “Beautiful” Elements Of ‘G-LOC’

Co-stars Caspar Van Dien and John Rhys-Davies also discuss the joys of working on independent films.

Stephen Moyer and Tala Gouveia in "G-Loc" (Lionsgate)
Directed and penned by Tom Paton, G-LOC is a sci-fi narrative that centers on Bran Marshall (Stephen Moyer), a human who leaves Earth to journey to a planet named Rhea. Solid sci-fi stories usually have a thematic undercurrent that anchors the action and special effects, and G-LOC’s exploration of racism and survival kept me throughout its 93 minute running time.

While boarding a Rhean suppy ship, Brian Marshall (Stephen Moyer) encounters Ohsha (Tala Gouveia), the only Rhean left alive after most of the crew was slaughtered. Although they are initial enemies, the two must band together and save the ship from destruction. Casper Van Dien is Decker, a mysterious figure on the ship who has his own ulterior motives, and John Rhys-Davies (who has a very stirring speech during the story), stars as one of the remaining survivors on Earth.

“The story is about how two sets of different people (Brian and Ohsha) who are almost identical see each other as the enemy,” said Moyer. “So that I found interesting. There are so many examples of that whether it be the Irish troubles or Israel and Palestine or as we’re looking right now and when we were filming what is happening with the Muslim ban in America. It was very prescient when I got the script and when I asked Tom Paton about his source material, he had absolutely had that in mind when he was creating.”

Check out the video below as Stephn Moyer, Casper Van Dien, and John Rhys-Davies talk about making G-LOC. Moyer and Van Dien also have a funny back and forth about how, in indie filmmaking, it’s hard to “polish a turd” (the turd is not a reference to G-LOC!):

G-Loc is now available on DVD, Digital, and On Demand via Lionsgate.