‘Spoiled Cinema’ Spotlight: ‘Harold and Maude’

As discussed on our CinemAddicts podcast, Anderson Cowan and I are building on our cinephile universe with Spoiled Cinema. First movie up is Harold and Maude, one of Cowan’s favorite movies. Details below!

Harold and Maude

Every movie on Spoiled Cinema will have an “open ticket,” as the biggest goal for us is to keep each of these spotlighted works alive in our own small fashion. For example, if either us interview someone down the road who loves or can provide insight on Harold and Maude, I will add that audio or video to this post.


The story of Harold’s (Bud Cort) eccentric yet ultimately profound relationship with septuagenarian Maude (Ruth Gordon), mixed in with Hal Ashby’s assured direction and evocative (and catchy) tunes from Cat Stevens, continues to transcend time and weather. It’s one of Anderson Cowan’s all-time favorite movies, and he goes in-depth on what makes Harold and Maude a unique narrative. Plus, Anderson has a pretty cool Picket Fences star Tom Skerritt (he’s the cop in the flick) anecdote in the talk! Other films mentioned in the conversation include Vertigo, Midnight Cowboy, A Clockwork Orange, and Die Laughing.

Again, there’s a ton of spoiler talk regarding Harold and Maude, so you have been warned! What are your favorite moments of the picture? Would you put H&M in your top 10? We’d love to hear your insights on the flick in our Comments Section!



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