Seann William Scott Talks Movie Choices & “Just Before I Go”

In Just Before I Go, Seann William Scott is Ted Morgan, a hapless dude who decides to kill himself after his wife (Elisha Cuthbert) leaves him. Though it has a dark premise, the film is a comedy/drama, and in a recent sitdown with the actor he talked about his connection to the project.

Just Before I Go

“I get a chance to really do something and play a real character,” says Scott, who in a recent reddit AMA announced he was shooting Goon 2 starting mid-June. “Something different and this whole genre, (this) whole vibe is something I wanted to do.”

Part of Scott’s comments came from my question about why, although he’s starred in a slew of popular films (American Pie franchise, Goon, Role Models, The Rundown), he’s been selective in his movie choices over the years. His full answer, along with a really funny anecdote about his family and the 2003 flick Bulletproof Monk is below (Just Before I Go director Courteney Cox can also be heard in the clip). 

“I never did this to make money. I always wanted to do things that I’m proud of, even if that’s a broad comedy. But also to be part of a movie like (Just Before I Go)” – Seann William Scott

Just Before I Go hits New York and Los Angeles theaters Friday, April 24, with a Blu-ray, DVD, iTunes, and On Demand release set for May 12. Olivia Thirlby, Connie Stevens, Garret Dillahunt, Kyle Gallner, Kate Walsh, and Evan Ross are among the film’s talented ensemble.

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