Scott Adkins And James Nunn Unleash ‘One Shot’ Of Action Packed Awesomeness

First rate action feature, co-starring Ryan Phillippe and Ashley Greene Khoury, hits theaters and On Demand November 5.


For this Find Your Film episode, we interview One Shot director Scott Adkins and director James Nunn. Co-host Eric Holmes talked to Adkins since he’s a huge fan of his work. We both really love this movie, so I was more than happy to chat with Nunn.

One Shot centers on Lt. Blake Harris (Scott Adkins), the head of an Navy SEALs squad who is tasked with retrieving a suspected terrorist (Waleed Elgadi) from a CIA black site island prison.

James Nunn and Scott Adkins – ‘One Shot’

Ashley Greene Khoury is Zoe Anderson, a junior CIA analyst who is spearheading the mission and Ryan Phillippe is Tom Shields, the prison Deputy Site Manager who is not appreciative of her visit. When a seemingly insurmountable wave of insurgents attack the base, it’s up to Blake Harris and his crew to get the prisoner off to safety.

Scott Adkins in ‘One Shot’

Director James Nunn’s feature is literally touted as a “one shot” feature, giving the narrative an immersive and seamless feel. Nunn and Adkins admitted during their respective interviews that there were some cuts in One Shot, but that doesn’t detract from the picture’s inspiring level of execution.

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The ensemble acting is also top notch (all of the actors are locked in), and the biggest surprise for me was Elgadi’s performance as the alleged terrorist. He brings a refreshing level of humanity to the proceedings amidst the wall to wall action.

Waleed Elgadi and Ashley Greene Khoury in ‘One Shot’

Eric Holmes, who is passionate about screenwriting, asked Adkins several writing questions during the interview. For Nunn, I focused on how he was able to make this movie work.

Jess Liaudin and Scott Adkins in ‘One Shot’

We’ll be reviewing One Shot this week on Find Your Film. Check out our Adkins and Nunn interviews on Libsyn:

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One Shot hits theaters and is available On Demand Friday, November 5.

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