Rodrigo Cortés Talks “Classic Heart” Behind Ambitious ‘Love Gets A Room’


Filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés did not shy away from difficulty or ambition with Love Gets A Room. Set in 1942 Warsaw, the narrative centers on Stefcia (Clara Rugaard) and her fellow Jewish theatre actors as they struggle to stay on the stage. The play must go on, even if the Nazis are a part of the audience. Cortés talked about his resonant and breathtaking feature which is now playing in the U.S. It hits On Demand June 30.

“Love Gets A Room” – Buffalo 8

Love Gets A Room is told in real-time just like his critically acclaimed feature Buried. The music in the feature is also performed live, and part of the script is based on a play from Polish poet Jerzy Jurandot (who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto).

Clara Rugaard – “Love Gets A Room” (Buffalo 8)

After watching I Am Mother and Press Play, I was impressed by Clara Rugaard’s acting talents. I asked Rodrigo Cortés if he found her to be a movie star.

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“She has it,” said Cortés. “I felt it in the very first moment I saw her. The movie has a classic heart, although it’s very contemporary in a formal sense. (It) is pretty classic. The heart of Ernst Lubitsch (or) the heart of Billy Wilder. If this movie was made in the 1950s, a star like Ingrid Bergman would have (the role).”

“Love Gets A Room” Trailer

“The needs for the role were very demanding,” said Cortés, who added that Rugaard starred in the musical Annie as a youth.. “Because she needed to be a phenomenal actress and also to sing beautifully. But not only to sing and dance beautifully as Clara does. All the songs you hear are happening live. It’s happening live like it was dialogue. Every time. Every take. She definitely has it. And not many actresses in the world do.”

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Love Gets A Room is now playing in theaters and hits On Demand June 30.

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