‘Renfield’ With Nicolas Cage Hits Blu-Ray And Digital In June


Renfield, starring Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, hits Blu-ray and Digital June 6 via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The “Dracula Sucks” Edition (love that moniker!) features over 60 minutes of never before seen content.

Nicholas Hoult plays the titular character in Renfield, a loyal worker whose boss is none other than Dracula (Nicolas Cage). Renfield finds his master’s prey and follows his orders to the book, and this job has lasted for centuries. Now he wants to break out from The Prince of Darkness’ shadow. That, however, is not an easy task.

(from left) Dracula (Nicholas Cage) and Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) in Renfield, directed by Chris McKay.

Chris McKay, who helmed 2021’s The Tomorrow War, directed Renfield. The ensemble includes Awkwafina, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Ben Schwartz.

Renfield extras include:

  1. Deleted and extended scenes
  2. Alternate Takes
  3. “Dracula Uncaged” – Interview with Nicolas Cage on playing Dracula
  4. “Monsters & Men: Behind the Scenes of Renfield” – A featurette at the casts, sets and costumes behind the movie.
  5. “Stages of Rejuvenation” – Makeup effects segment on the transformation of Dracula.
  6. “Flesh & Blood” – A look at how the more gorier and macabre elements of the movie are constructed.
  7. “Fighting Dirty” – Stunt coordinator Christopher Brewster talks about the training and choreography behind the movie’s stunts and fight scenes.
  8. “The Making of a Deleted Scene: Renfield’s Dance!”Nicholas Hoult and choreographer Kathryn Burns discuss the musical number/dance sequence that, according to the segment’s moniker, did not make it into the film.
  9. Feature commentary with producer Samantha Nisenboim, screenwriter Ryan Ridley, and crew

Renfield hits Blu-ray, Digital, and DVD on June 6 via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Let us know if you’re adding Renfield to your physical media and/or digital collection!

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