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As much as staying in one’s lane has its benefits, expanding one’s creative horizons my be even more important. Throughout her diverse career, Queen Latifah has expressed herself through hip hop, jazz, acting, and producing, proving that complacency isn’t one of her traits. She stars with Jennifer Garner in the drama Miracles from Heaven, a movie based on Christy Beam’s 2015 memoir.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - March 4th 2016 Queen Latifah seen at Columbia Pictures "Miracles From Heaven" Photo Call at The London
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – March 4th 2016 Queen Latifah seen at Columbia Pictures “Miracles From Heaven” Photo Call at The London

During the Miracles from Heaven interviews, I asked Latifah if her dreams of having a multi-faceted career was an ambition she carved out in her youth. Check out her answer below (the audio, which also features co-star Kylie Rogers in the clip, is under the direct quote as well):

“Both. (Those) dreams as a kid – to grow up to be an actor or a singer . . . is stuff you think as a kid. I still haven’t accomplished being a marine biologist that was the first thing I wanted to do. Anyway there is still time. But yeah, the rest kind of came along the way as a I developed, as I would grow into things and I guess some stuff that was inside of me sort of turned on at some point. Because jazz was something I grew up (with) – my father played jazz incessantly – that was all he really played.

Somewhere along the line, that jazz gene kicked on somewhere in the hip hope years it kicked in and I kind of immersed myself in more and more jazz. Especially as people would sample jazz records for. hip hop. So I would find out what sample that was and I’d get turned on to some whole artist and their whole repertoire. Producing and kind of being in charge of things, creating our management company, that just came from me wanting to be the type of woman that didn’t want people to make decisions for me.

I wanted to make my own decisions and have my own thoughts and follow my own sort of path and not have someone dictate that to me. So creating things and making things happen from day one, from A to Z, has always been sort of in my genes and it just needed the right things to make it happen. So management or producing films is pretty normal, you know?”

Miracles From Heaven is Christy Beam’s (Jennifer Garner) account of her daughter Anna’s (Kylie Rogers) miraculous recovery from a seemingly incurable disease. Queen Latifah co-stars as Angela, a waitress who befriends Christy and Anna during their stay in Boston (Anna was treated at Boston Children’s Hospital).

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