‘Quantico’ Whodunnit, Week 6: Secrets Revealed


When we last left off, Alex had told her story to the world via a hacker network and managed to convince Shelby of her innocence, thus growing her group of allies. Meanwhile, Caleb was looking a little suspicious. But what does this week’s Quantico hold in store. Let’s take a look:


The Past: Elias, apparently satisfied with Simon‘s come to Jesus moment, leaves a note for Simon that he’s around “if he needs to talk,” and even though Elias isn’t in the episode, that does come into play later. As Simon gathers the note, he notices Raina smiling at him. During the course of the episode, Simon confesses to Raina and the pair share what appears to be the beginning of a romantic pairing, that is until he walks in on the twins late in the episode, is knocked out and help captive.

The theme of the episode is surveillance and Miranda Shaw is now in charge of watching her paroled son. O’Connor intervenes and tells her that if she continues to watch him, she’ll never regain his trust. So she makes it the job of the trainees to surveil her for a day, aware that the exercise will uncover info on Charlie if he makes a move. Unfortunately, O’Connor is not aware and when he catches Booth at the Shaw house, he unwittingly reveals his own op with Booth on Alex to Alex who is listening in the truck. So much for the budding relationship. Alex understands that she may never know the full truth about her father after O’Connor calls her in. Meanwhile, Shaw’s son makes a run for the school he almost shot up, but she stops him has an emotional moment and for a brief period it appears that all is well between mother and son, until he gets a message on the computer that the unknown person is there “if he needs to talk.”

The other central storyline in the past concerns the budding relationship of Caleb and Shelby, who go through all the games of dealing with the hookup until Caleb gets upset with her deception and Shelby is forced to come clean about her true feelings for him.

The Present: Video begins to surface of Alex’s actions prior to the bombing and she realizes she needs eyes on what the FBI is surveilling in hopes of finding the real bomber. Unfortunately it turns out that Caleb is running the op, and we find out the secret that Deputy Director Clayton is really his father … his estranged father. Haas is determined to be professional, but Simon manages to rig it so that Alex also has access to his computer. She notices him dumping a file and it’s a seemingly random conversation between son and father, one that makes Shelby nervous, until it’s revealed that Caleb has used the software to track Shelby’s unknown lover and that it’s Caleb’s father. Shelby never went on vacation and after leaving Quantico, she worked for Caleb’s dad and things took a romantic turn. She confronts Caleb, who reveals that he’s destroyed that the one person who made him felt like he measured up to his dad just betrayed him in such a manner.

In other betrayals, Alex calls Booth, who’s in bed with Nathalie. She checks his phone and it actually is O’Connor, whom Ryan said had called. But that’s his clever rouse to label Alex and O’Connor. Satisfied, Nathalie has shower sex with Ryan while he envisions Alex the whole time. She later notices another call from O’Connor at work, but sees the chief actually in a meeting and starts putting the pieces together. By the end of the episode, Nathalie approaches O’Connor with the intel that she believes Booth is communicating with Alex.

In the final moments, Alex spots the twins at Grand Central not long before the bombing, making them the next stop on the Alex reunion tour, so be sure to tune in next week.

The Suspects

11. Nathalie Vazquez – She seems to be the only cop playing by the rules at present. She’s been betrayed by her lover Booth and so far appears to be the person most out of the loop. But other than an estranged family back home, we don’t really know her back story.

10. Alex Parrish – We can assume that Alex is innocent because why would she go to such great lengths to prove it if she wasn’t. Where’s the show if that doesn’t happen?

9. Elias Harper – Was the least likely until Shaw’s son Charlie received a message similar to the one that Simon got at the beginning of the episode. They say that the best defense is a good offense. Do we now look back and suspect that Elias’ watchful eye on Simon is basically a smokescreen to throw suspicion off himself.

8. Ryan Booth – He appears to be the good guy caught in the middle of all of this and so far appears to be the good soldier carrying out the orders of others. Plus, he’s been helping Alex all along and could have easily guided her into capture if he was truly playing her.

7. Caleb Haas – He may have been near Grand Central at the time of the explosion, but sonny boy appears more interested in uncovering Shelby’s deception than he was in trying to cover his tracks.

6. Nimah / Raina Amin – We know they were recruited by Shaw to infiltrate a terrorist cell. We may have to split these two up eventually. Is it possible that one or both of them entered the cell post-Quantico and were turned?

5. Simon Asher – He may be the sketchiest of the recruits, but so far he has done everything possible to help Alex in her pursuit of the truth. Like Booth, he could have turned Alex in at any time and she’s still in play.

4. Miranda Shaw – Is there anything to Charlie’s denials? Could his arrest have been a set up orchestrated by mom to throw off suspicion? Is Shaw prepping the twins for something other than infiltrating the cell? Does her helping Alex escape in the opening episode benefit her long game?

3. Shelby Wyatt – She appears to be guilty of a bad romantic decision, but there’s still a lot of questions unanswered where Shelby and her family background are concerned. She was a reluctant addition to Alex’s side, but may just be playing along, and where do her allegiances lie given her association with Deputy Director Clayton.

2. Liam O’Connor – He’s been shady from Day 1 and had Alex on his radar even before she entered Quantico. He’s also aware that she has knowledge that could upset what has happened in the past. He’s still a prime suspect, but there’s a new No. 1.

1. Deputy Director Clayton – He’s hooked up with Shelby, he’s got a loose, albeit estranged association with son Caleb and he thinks he’s got Simon undercover. He’s got way too many hands in this thing for there not to be some association. If he and Shelby were going to get away, why did they stay in New York? He wasn’t prominently featured in this episode, but by association his hands are getting dirtier.

So who is your top suspect in Quantico? Do you agree with our list? Feel free to comment below!!


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