‘Peninsula’ Trailer: ‘Train To Busan’ Sequel Readies For A Zombie Apocalypse

"Peninsula," the sequel to "Train to Busan," hits theaters this summer!!

"Peninsula" (WELL GO USA Entertainment)
Back in 2016 I was all about Train to Busan and I remember Anderson Cowan and I praising the film on a previous CinemAddicts episode. Its sequel Peninsula (aka Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula) features eye-opening action scenes, so on that note I am very excited.

The story centers on Jung-seok (Gang Dong-won), a soldier who escaped the previous zombie infestation but is now tasked with retrieving humans and surving amidst insurmountable odds. The good news is Train to Busan filmmaker Yeon Sang-Ho is back to direct Peninsula, so at least this movie is in good hands.

Train to Busan’s bread and butter was the human element to the story. One really pulled for the father (Yoo Gong) and daughter (Su-an Kim) to survive together at the end, and setting a majority of the film on the train really ramped up the tension.
The Peninsula trailer is definitely promising, as one can assume the movie will be filled with this share of viseral and entertaining action sequences. But will we be emotionally invested in the characters like the original? There is so much goodwill left from Train to Busan that I’m just saying f**k it and and ready to fully enjoy Peninsula.
Check out the trailer and feel free to share your thoughts on both Peninsula and Train to Busan!

Peninsula hits theaters this summer.

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