Music: Daniels Johns Releases Soulful “Talk” on May 22

Daniel Johns - "Talk"
Daniel Johns – “Talk”

Daniel Johns, who first staked his claim on the music scene as frontman of silverchair, releases his long awaited album Talk on May 22. In support of the project, Johns will perform at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on May 28-9 as part of Australia’s Vivid Festival.

One of Johns’ collaborators on Talk is producer Joel Little (Lorde, Jarryd James), and their new single “Cool On Fire” was recently released: 

Instead of traversing the grunge-rock roots of silverchair, Johns has ventured in an altogether different music track. Evidence of his evolving, soulful sound came with the release of his four track EP Aerial Love.  The EP’s title track, which also serves as the first song on Talk, is below:

To pre-order Talk (two of the options include signed T-shirts from Johns), go here.

Daniel Johns  - CR: Harold David
Daniel Johns – CR: Harold David



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