Movie Mainline Celebrates Artistic Passions With ‘Creator Spotlight’

Creator Spotlight, spearheaded by Bruce Purkey, focuses on various artists who share their respective interests and passions.

In a time where people seem increasingly divided, paranoid, angry, and afraid, it’s easy to forget how much good people are sending out into the world. With that in-mind, The Movie Mainline Podcast has added a Creator Spotlight series as a way to highlight every-day people and their creative works. Don’t worry, we’ll also talk movies with each of them. . 

Movie Mainline is well-aware of the ability of a great film to allow the viewer to experience a point of view or culture or life-experience that he or she might not have encountered otherwise. Likewise, all creative endeavors, whether music, writing, sculpture, filmmaking, podcasting allow the consumer of that art to see the world, if only for a few moments, though the filter of another person’s experiences. 

Here are the first three entries in our Creator Spotlight series. If you know a creative person, or are one yourself, contact Movie Mainline and maybe you can be featured as well.

Samantha Morgan is a fairly recent transplant to New York City and is both a writer and stand-up comic.

Pete Abeyta is one third of the Middle Class Film Class podcast and is also working on his own individual creative works.

Bleaker is a band hailing from Birmingham Alabama, slated for this year’s SXSW Music Festival and heading soon to Nashville.