Micheál Richardson Talks Family Bond And “Confidence” Behind ‘Made In Italy’ Production

Michaél Richardson as “Jack” in James D’Arcy’s MADE IN ITALY. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films Release
Micheál Richardson, son of actor Liam Neeson and late actress Natasha Richardson, sat down with Deepest Dream for several minutes to talk about working on Made In Italy with his father and how he continues to share a bond with his mother. Brief Q&A and video is below, as well as more information on the first rate feature!
Micheál Richardson and Valeria Bilello in “Made In Italy” (IFC Films)

Written and directed by actor James D’Arcy (Cloud Atlas), Made In Italy centers on Jack (Micheál Richardson), a young man who’s determined to sell his late mother’s Tuscany home in order to purchase the art gallery he runs from his ex-wife. Liam Neeson is Robert, Jack’s estranged artist father who makes the trek to Tuscany with his son to clean up and ultimately sell the eye catching residence.

Coming from a distinguished acting lineage is obviously a form of external pressure of Micheál Richardson, but he does a solid job serving as the lead actor behind Made In Italy. The chemistry between him and Neeson is obviously palpable, but thankfully he has enough chops to anchor a big portion of the narrative.

My father really loved getting to know people for his business, and I carry that same passion when interviewing people for my line of work. This movie deals with grief but also learning how to cherish that bond with your loved ones. Was this a very special project for you to undertake?

It was. It’s a story about grief and not that many people know how to. (It’s) not to just shove away all those memories that might pain you, but to remember them and to honor them and celebrate them.

It’s amazing that you’re doing – you’re in your dad’s line of work and making him proud. The same thing goes with my mom. I felt close with her because she’s been through this same experience. She’s had these kind of famous parents and starting off her career and doing that, becoming the person she is. That’s a really cool experience now because I am sort of living that at this moment and I can listen to these interviews of her where she’s talking about this similar thing that I’m talking about, you know? It’s very close and special.

Can you talk about how you grew as an actor in Made in Italy?

Yeah. I’d say my own temperament on set. Pacing. And how it takes for any lead role to give it their all day in and day out and be present and able to give it the right energy and motion was a big one. Also I think a lot of people don’t talk about it so much (regarding) experienced actors, but the confidence level. Working every day, day in and day out, it gives you a certain confidence and stability on set.

Micheál Richardson and LIam Neeson in “Made In Italy” (IFC Films)

What was it like going toe to toe with your father during the more emotionally charged moments of Made In Italy?

Well I definitely was nervous. It was a quiet day on set and the crew was so respectful and everybody was so supportive. Having that team behind you and also working with your actual dad, dealing with these actual things, it just all came up and it was very powerful in that way for me.

Micheál, right off the top off your head can you name one of your all-time favorite films?

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) by (director) Paolo Sorrentino. I think it’s beautiful.

Thank you for your time. I really love the film.

Thank you sir. All the best!

Made In Italy is now playing in 100 theaters, select drive-in theaters and is available On Demand. My review of Made In Italy is featured in the latest podcast episode of Find Your Film (starting at 33:40):

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