Maximilian Erlenwein Talks Close Knit Atmosphere Behind ‘The Dive’

Starring Sophie Lowe and Louisa Krause, "The Dive" is now in theaters and available everywhere you rent movies.


Filmmaker Maximilian Erlenwein’s feature The Dive centers on May (Louisa Krause) and Drew (Sophie Lowe), sisters who go diving in a remote area. Their bonding event leads to danger as May is trapped underwater by a rock. This harrowing thriller was shot sans the reliance of CGI (except a rock falling sequence). Along with the challenge of shooting practical effects, finding experienced divers as the leads was not possible! Erlenwein talked about his first rate feature, which is now playing in theaters and available everywhere you rent movies.

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Louisa Krause (The Abandoned) and Sophie Lowe (Burn The Man Down) have delivered solid work over the years. Their past resume was just one element of director Maximilian Erlenwein’s decision to hire them.

“We had to find actresses who were crazy enough to do this,” said Erlenwein. “The plan was to shoot it all for real. It’s all underwater. We had to find actresses who were willing to train months before the shoot and become experienced divers.”

Months of diving training led Krause and Lowe, as well as the crew to bond during the production of The Dive. “All the crew were German and from Malta, so (Krause) came from the U.S. and from the U.K. (Lowe). They really fell in love with each other,” said Erlenwein. “They became like sisters. And that was so helpful because they went through it together.”

Erlenwein also praised the Malta team which consisted of experienced divers: “They are so amazing, they literally live in the ocean – they are like fish – that was a great experience to get to know all those guys.”

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The Dive is now playing in theaters and is available everywhere you rent movies. Let us know your thoughts on The Dive!!

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