Martin Short Talks ‘Maya & Marty’ & ‘I Married Monty’



The season finale of Maya & Marty airs Tuesday evening on NBC with Emma Stone, Kelly Ripa, Sean Hayes and Steve Martin among the evening’s guests. During our interview with Short, he explained why television is his favorite medium.

Maya & Marty - Season 1

“Well I think it’s kind of immediate. You make a movie and it takes three months and then they edit it for seven months. And then they release it the next year and it’s not the same thing as doing Saturday Night Live. But again I like the variety, I like to get to do all those things. But television is my favorite.”

I also asked Martin Short about his dead on impersonation of actor Montgomery Clift (Red River, A Place in the Sun), and in the audio below he talked about the show and explained why, as a performer and an actor, he loves mixing it up (he cites his work in Inherent Vice and It’s Only A Play in the vid). And he also discusses I Married Monty.