Marcus Lemonis (‘The Profit’) Pushes Through Fear of Failure


One aspect behind the success of entrepreneur/businessman Marcus Lemonis lies in his ability to push through failure and face the next challenge. Complacency also doesn’t have any kind of room for progress in Lemonis’ business life,  as witnessed by his recent investment in the struggling cupcake business Crumbs bakery.

“To me, the fundamentals are all the same,” said Lemonis, who was promoting his popular CNBC show The Profit earlier this month. “So whether the business is small or medium or large, it’s a people, process, product (equation) – I’ve been consistent with that from the beginning.”

During the interview, I asked the CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises if his ability to overcome and not be paralyzed by failure served as one of his strengths. “I think anybody that’s an entrepreneur, deep down, really deep down in their soul, has fear of failure – what will people say (or) what will people think,” he adds. “It’s a hard challenge.”

Lemonis gives his full answer in the following video below:

The Profit returns October 14 on CNBC.

**Also – here’s a recent Tweet Lemonis sent our Twitter account regarding the concept of “failure.”

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