Kap G Talks “Dope” And Humble Approach To Hip Hop

Five to ten years from now, hip hop and movie fans can point to Dope as a project which served as a launching point for  a slew of artists. Though he’s already received his share of momentum in the hip-hop world, College Park, Georgia native Kap G has branched out into the acting field with Dope.

A critical favorite at the Sundance Film Festival, “Dope” has been buoyed by excellent word of mouth ramping up to its theatrical release on Friday, June 19.

“Before Sundance, I already knew it was going to be a great movie – a lot of people were going to hear about it,” says Kap G, who is putting the finishing touches to his upcoming EP “El Southside” and contributed the track ‘Cocaina Shawty’ on the “Dope” soundtrack. “I just feel great about it. I’ve been grinding for a lot of years, so it means a lot to me.”

I asked Kap G about the determination and hard work it took him to get to his current level of success, and his answer is featured in the Soundcloud clip below:

Kap G also released a new track titled “I Be Up.” Even though my tastes run to old school hip hop, I liked it (his lyrical flow and voice are distinct). Check it out: