Joel McHale on “Community” Creator: “Dan Harmon is a Living Genius”



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Recent news, as reported by TV Line, that talks between Hulu and Sony Pictures Television to renew Community came to a not so fruitful end is a bit disheartening. With the cast members’ deals reportedly expire on June 30, Sony has several days to keep Dan Harmon’s beloved series alive. Part of Harmon and his crew’s goals, which you know if you’re into hashtags or a devout fan of the show, was to reach “six seasons and a movie,” and during our interview with Joel McHale he talked about why Community is such a beloved program.

“The fans love the show because it’s very funny and the characters are very well drawn and it earns it’s meaningful message,” said McHale, who plays a Bronx, NY cop in the thriller Deliver Us From Evil. “Those heartfelt moments come from being buffered around incredible jokes they aren’t just there to go ‘and here’s something schmaltzy now that hopefully will affect you’ – it comes out when you least expect it.”

Olivia Munn and Joel McHale at the Screen Gems & Jerry Bruckheimer Films with The Cinema Society screening of “DELIVER US FROM EVIL” at the SVA Theater.

Whether or not Community lasts for another season is a question that should be answered in the near future. Whatever happens, however, expect McHale to continue to support Dan Harmon’s upcoming creative endeavors. “Well, Dan Harmon is a living genius and that show lived in his head,” added McHale. ” I would trust him to write anything, I would follow him into any battle…”

To hear the actor talk about his love for Community and how he’d follow Mr. Harmon to “battle,” check out our audio clip below:

Deliver Us From Evil, headlined by Eric Bana and directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinster, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) opens nationwide July 2.