Interview: Ryan Phillippe Talks ‘The Locksmith’ And Love For The Philadelphia Eagles


Ryan Phillippe is the lead in The Locksmith, a first rate crime thriller about an ex-con named Miller (Phillippe) who is trying to get his life in order. Just released from prison, Miller is roped back into the crime world after a person from his past (Gabriela Quezada) asks for a very big favor. Phillippe talked to Deepest Dream about his latest feature, which co-stars Kate Bosworth and Ving Rhames.

Although director Nicolas Harvard’s The Locksmith has its share of film noir flourishes, the narrative is also a family drama. Miller (Ryan Phillippe) is burdened by the presence of corrupt cops (led by Jeffrey Nordling) and a friend (Gabriela Quezada) who needs his locksmith talents. That said, Miller’s sole focus is getting his life back together.

“To me, it kind of felt like a throwback to 70s movies in some ways,” said Phillippe. “The kind of thing that Steve McQueen would have done. We talked about the James Caan movie Thief as an inspiration at some point . . . at its heart, it’s a guy looking for redemption, trying to right the wrongs of his past, and start a relationship with his daughter (Madeleine Guilbot) after being in prison for 10 years. I like that aspect, too. You root for those characters.”

During the interview I asked Phillippe about being a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan and which movie from his resume that he wants more movie buffs to check out (the answer: Breach and he also digs The Locksmith).

Check out the full interview below via YouTube and our CinemAddicts podcast (our review of The Locksmith is also on the pod):