“Gloriously Fun” Uncle Peckerhead Serves Up Heart and Horror

First time feature director Matthew John Lawrence might have bitten off more than he can chew with horror/comedy Uncle Peckerhead. But, surprisingly, with a limited budget, Lawrence delivers more wit, gore, knowing humor, and truly fun and engaging characters than most movies with ten times the budget.

Uncle Peckerhead tells the simple story of struggling punk band (DUH) and their efforts to launch a meager tour. Judy (Chet Siegel), the level-headed, plucky lead singer/bassist of the band, knows that all Duh needs is a tour van and their dreams will come true. Both guitarist, Max (Jeff Riddle) and drummer, Mel (Ruby McCollister), are a bit less encouraged, but willing to go along for the ride, if they can find one. Enter one Mr. Peckerhead (David Littleton), Peck to his friends, with not only an available van, but an offer to also be Duh’s roadie. The tour is on.

If Uncle Peckerhead were just a tale of Duh and their scruffy “uncle” going from sh**ty venue to venue, it would still be funny and entertaining. The writing is clever and shows a level of knowing detail that only a person who has been on such a tour could ever write. But, this movie isn’t content with just a solid, character driven, band-trying-to-make-it tale. You see, at midnight every night, Peck transforms into a human-eating creature for a few minutes, with hilariously gory results that would make a young Sam Raimi proud. 

Will our intrepid punk band put up with this murderous, yet lovably goofy demon roadie in order to get to the next gig? Will Peck leave any audience members for Duh to play for? Will evil emo rival band Dominion Rising steal all of Duh’s glory? I won’t tell. You’ll have to watch this gloriously fun, bloodily endearing film for yourself to find the answers.

Watch Uncle Peckerhead now or Peck might just eat your soul.

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