Find Your Film Reviews: Watch List, Get Duked!, Heavy Trip, Wishmaster

Other films covered include adventures in Babysitting and the Isabelle Adjani thriller Possession.

"Watch List" (Dark Star Pictures)
I went into this week of Find Your Film with a bit of trepidation, hoping that my co-hosts Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes would dig Watch List. I gave the Philippines set crime thriller a highly positive review, and thankfully my proverbial prayers were answered!

Bruce Purkey went with a music theme this week as he reviewed Sing Street and Heavy Trip. He has also heard about the brilliance of Possession, a 1981 feature starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani, and he also spotlighted that feature. Out of all of these movies, I can’t wait to check out Heavy Trip (it’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video).

Eric Holmes’ picks were Peanut Butter Falcon, a film he finally got around to after Bruce Purkey and I praished the holy heck out of the feature. Two cult films (Tucker and Dale vs Evil and Wishmaster) rounded out his selections. Holmes had an interesting take on Tucker and Dale vs Evil, as he called out the film on what he believes was an offensive scene. His niece May also makes an appearance on the program to review Adventures in Babysitting!

My only pick this week is a feature called Get Duked! which premieres on Amazon Prime Video August 28. I really loved the feature and director Ninian Doff is a talent to watch.

Alessandra de Rossi and Arthur Acuña in ‘Watch List’ (Dark Star Pictures)

As for Watch List, it’s currently available on virtual theaters via Laemmle Theatres. It hits On Demand September 1, and I really hope some of our CinemAddicts Facebook Group members and as many cinephiles are reading this check this movie out. The big warning, however, is it features a story that is not for the faint of heart. It’s a knockout of a movie that is simply unforgettable.

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