Future Flicks: Bryan Cranston Connects With ‘Power Rangers’



Opening July 13, The Infiltrator is the true story of Federal Agent Robert Mazur’s (Bryan Cranston) attempts to take down Pablo Escobar’s drug trafficking empire in 1986. The project, directed by The Lincoln Lawyer filmmaker Brad Furman,  co-stars John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger as the agents are also doing undercover work with Mazur.

We’ll be doing several more pieces on The Infiltrator closer to its release date, but for now read up and take a listen to Bryan Cranston’s take on playing Zordon in Power Rangers (FYI, one of the exciting parts of the film is it’s being directed by Dean Israelite, the filmmaker behind the underrated 2015 release Project Almanac):

“I have a history with Power Rangers. When I was a young actor starting out, I did voices for Power Rangers and they tell me that they named the Blue Power Ranger after me .- his name is Billy Cranston.

There’s a history there. This is 35 years ago (when) I did (Power Rangers). . . . I can tell you from reading the script and talking to the director, this isn’t anything like the television series, which was campy . . . it was like the old Batman television series. This is going to do a 180 and go in a different direction. It’s a bonafide, big budget, fully realized, superhero movie. Very sophisticated and interesting.”

For the unedited audio version of Cranston’s response regarding Power Rangers, click on the Soundcloud bar below:

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