Fifty (50) Blu-Ray & DVD Giveaway From Deepest Dream And CinemAddicts!


I’m trying to increase the subscriptions to my Deepest Dream and CinemAddicts YouTube channels. Thus, 50 DVDs/Blu-rays are being offered up this week! Rules are below!

This giveaway is for New Subscribers only! Here are the rules:

  1. Subscribe to my Deepest Dream channel:

  2. Subscribe to my CinemAddicts channel:

  3. Once you subscribed, email me at to confirm your entry. If you sub for 1, you get one Blu-ray or DVD of your choice. If you sub to both, you get two discs! Also this is a first come first serve giveaway!

  4. Giveaway ends Sunday, January 31 at 5 pm pt!

Here are the 50 Discs (Sealed and Never Used)!!

  1. The Griddle House

  2. We’ll Never Have Paris

  3. Murder Party

  4. Great World of Sound

  5. Dark Horse

  6. Barry Munday

  7. The Program

  8. Noma

  9. Robocop

  10. Keanu

  11. Surveillance

  12. Pound of Flesh

  13. Chips

  14. Merantau

  15. Good Neighbors

  16. The Ressurectionof Gavin STone

  17. Age of Heroes

  18. Live By Night

  19. Happy-Go-Lucky

  20. Wild Hourse

  21. The House (BR)

  22. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (BR)

  23. Merantau (BR)

  24. Dead Mine (BR)

  25. The Warlords (BR)

  26. Tammy (extended Cut) (BR)

  27. Pusher III

  28. Age of Heroes (BR)

  29. Unknown/Edge of Darkness

  30. Best of the Chris Rock Show

  31. Hot Pursuit

  32. Losers/Rock N Roll

  33. Balls Out (BR)

  34. Murder Party

  35. Kung Fu Master (BR)

  36. In Dubious Battle

  37. In Darkness

  38. Tammy (extended cut) (BR)

  39. Pusher III I’m the angel of death

  40. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  41. The ABCs of Death (BR)

  42. Frank & Lola

  43. Bayou Caviar (BR)

  44. City of Ghosts (BR)

  45. Parental Guidance (BR)

  46. Outpost: Rise of the Septsnaz (BR)

  47. Urban Country

  48. Life Itself (BR)

  49. Cavite

  50. Child Star

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