Exclusive: Jessika Van Talks ‘Seoul Searching’ & Acting Journey



Actress Jessica Van (TV’s Rush Hour & The Messengers) stars in Seoul Searching, a comedy that captures the spirit of John Hughes’ films from the 1980s  (The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink) and is inspired by director Benson Lee’s experiences at a summer program in Seoul, Korea. The movie, which I reviewed on Hollywood Outbreak, also received a great write-up in the New York Times, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Van to talk about Seoul Searching.

It’s great that Lee’s cast is filled with talented and engaging Asian actors, and obviously this film is a step in the right direction on a representation level. Seoul Searching, however, is an entertaining and funny film that works on a universal level. Basically, if you love energetic comedies, this film should be up your alley.

“Hopefully if you watch this movie, you’ll see that all these people are universal,” said Van, who started off as a classically trained pianist. “These are issues that relates to. Everyone has a mother. Everyone has a father. All teenagers come of age with all this angst and all these questions and search (for) their identity. The next time you have a story that you want to tell that is a person who is, say an American, it really doesn’t matter what the color of their face is.”

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Now playing in New York, Seoul Searching opens June 24th in Los Angeles and will have a wider rollout in the coming weeks. For more info, go to the film’s official Facebook page.