Erin Sanders Has “Locked In” Performance With ‘The Call’ And Reflects On Lifelong Yoga Journey

Erin Sanders (Zoey 101, Limelight) talks about her latest film "The Call" and also elaborates on her lifelong passion for yoga.

Chester Rushing as Chris, Erin Sanders as Tonya, Mike Manning as Zack and Sloan Morgan Siegel as Brett in the horror film, THE CALL, a Cinedigm release. Photo courtesy of Cinedigm
Erin Sanders (Zoey 101, Limelight) stars with Tobin Bell and Lin Shaye in the horror-thriler The Call. During our interview, Sanders talked about collaborating with the two horror icons, staying “locked in” as an actor, and why yoga is an integral aspect of her life.

Erin Sanders as Tonya in the horror film, THE CALL, a Cinedigm release. Photo courtesy of Cinedigm

In The Call, Erin Sanders is Tonya, a high school teen who, along with her friends (Chester Rushing, Mike Manning, Sloan Morgan Siegel), play a dangerous cat and mouse game with an eccentric couple (Lin Shaye, Tobin Bell).

Each of the youths must make a single phone call, and if they stay on the line for a minute, they will win a substantial prize. That said, there is a supernatural and tragic element at play, and there is no guarantee that they will survive the night!

Tobin Bell as Edward Cranston and Lin Shaye as Edith Cranston in the horror film,THE CALL, a Cinedigm release. Photo courtesy of Cinedigm

Working with Bell and Shaye was a “fantastic experience” as she shares a similar approach to acting. “Both Tobin Bell and Lin Shaye are that way. For me, personally, it was a really compatible relationship,” said Sanders, who recentlly reunited with her Zoey 101 castmates. “We locked in on one another and built that emotional intensity from scene to scene. I work with a lot of seasoned actors who like to be connected while you’re filming but in between takes prefer to joke around or invite some levity on the set. I know that works for some people, but that’s really not my thing. I really liked to stay locked in with what’s happening in the scene until we finish shooting that scene.”

Brooklyn Anne Miller as Laura and Erin Sanders as Tonya in the horror film, THE CALL , a Cinedigm release. Photo courtesy of Cinedigm

During our interview, Sanders also elaborated on her lifelong passion for yoga (she started as a six-year-old). Sanders also praises the costume designer and sound behind The Call and in my close to 30 years of interviewing actors, this is a very rare thing (btw, no one ever compliments a movie’s sound mix and design, so this audio guy is biasedly in Sanders’ corner!!!).

10:12 Erin Sanders on collaborating with Tobin Bell and Lin Shaye.
11:40 –  Working with co-star Chester Rushing
12:30Erin Sanders compliments costume designer Chloee O’Hayon-Crosby and the film’s sound design.
13:57 – She has been practicing yoga since she was 6 years old. She also teaches yoga online and she discusses the advantages of yin yoga.
16:51 Erin Sanders praises The Invisible Man and elaborates on why she admires the work actress Elisabeth Moss.
18:50 – Find information on Yin Yoga as well as Sanders’ online yoga classes by going to

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