Emily Bear Is “Dancin” To Own Tune With Latest Single And ‘Ellen’ Performance

Now 17, Emily Bear first appeared on Ellen when she was 6 (in 2007), and today marks her seventh appearance on the show. Check out the video as Bear premieres her new single “Dancin.”

In her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Bear talked about being mentored by Quincy Jones since she was 8, and she also contributed two songs for the Degeneres produced feature Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.

Bear’s strengths lie as a virtuoso pianist and songwriter, and she was also the featured pianist on Mark Isham’s score in A Dog’s Journey. Isham is one of cinema’s most renowned composers (for proof, check out his jazz infused work in Alan Rudolph’s overlooked feature Afterglow).

“‘Dancin’ is a song about celebration,” says Bear. “It’s about breaking free from something toxic, taking back your power and turning a negative into a positive. It was so great to be able to perform it for the first time on Ellen, I really feel as if I’ve grown up on the show and couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for the debut of my new music. Ellen’s support has meant the world to me. I can’t believe it’s been almost 12 years since I was first on the show.


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Singing is relatively new for Bear (though she did a spot on rendition of Khalid’s “Location”), and it will be interesting to see her growth as a vocalist and diversified pop artist. “Dancin,” which was produced by Neff-U (Justin Bieber, Sia), is now available in the following digital platforms. Bear’s EP is slated for release later this year.

Bear is definitely a talent to watch. I didn’t catch her the first time she appeared on Ellen, but now I’m simply glad she’s on my radar!