Directors Andy Señor Jr. And Victor Patrick Alvarez Bring “Bomba” Approach To ‘Revolution Rent’

The documentary is now streaming on HBO MAX.

Andy Señor Jr.’s lifelong connection with Rent began when he played Ángel on Broadway and other parts of the world. Revolution Rent documents Señor Jr.’s journey of bringing the production to Cuba. Directors Victor Patrick Alvarez and Señor Jr. talked to Deepest Dream about the documentary’s challenges and why “Bomba” was a necessary part of realizing their goals.

Whether or not you are familiar with the iconic musical, Revolution Rent captures one’s attention in several ways. “We’re balancing Rent, we’re balancing my personal story, politics and the viewer really has to care for this guy and nobody really knows who this guy is,” said Señor Jr. “All that has to come together in an hour and a half in some kind of way that touches all the points effectively.”

Señor Jr.’s mother’s decision to travel to Cuba and support her son’s production brings an extra level of resonance to the documentary. “One of the things that I loved about Andy’s mom and getting to know her very well was that she was the most rebellious of mothers,” said Alvarez. “Not at first, but it was developed and part of the arc of the story was she actually did get to go to her homeland . . . life isn’t over. You just don’t finish with your beliefs, you still continue to push your story and discover what is available for you in life.”

During one instance, Señor Jr. visits a medical professional who advises that he needs a bit of “bomba” in his life. Bomba, according to Señor Jr., is a huge reason he and Alvarez finished the project (Revolution took five plus years to make). Check out our full interview below!

Revolution Rent is now streaming on HBO Max. Would love to hear your thoughts after watching the documentary so comment below!

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