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Dhanush Evolves As An Actor With “Extraordinary Journey” Experience


The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir centers on Aja (Dhanush), a Mumbai resident who heads off to Paris in an attempt to meet a father he never knew. Directed by Ken Scott, the comedy has an epic scope and is powered by a charismatic (and believable) performance by Dhanush. I emailed several evergreen questions to Dhanush, and below is our exchange!

Bérénice Bejo and Dhanush in “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir.” (Golden Ratio Films)

My main complaint regarding this question and answer is its lack of questions regarding the movie, and that is entirely my fault. For more info on the feature, check out my review. That being said, the brief exchange has Dhanush elaborating on what he believes are the most important aspects of being an actor and storyteller.

This is the first time I’ve seen a movie starring Dhanush, and after watching The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir I definitely want to check out more of his work. For more information on where the film is playing, check out the film’s official site.

One of this narrative’s most important themes lies in the power of storytelling. Is storytelling a major reason why you wanted to become an actor?

With any film it has always been about the story and script. Sometimes I love a script or story but I know I am not the right person for it. You have to be able to see yourself in that story. I can’t say what is the exact reason I became an actor but I can say that I consider myself very lucky.

From your vantage point, what are the keys to crafting a good story? And what makes a successful creative collaboration?

I think a story always has to have a lot of heart. At the end of the day I don’t think that there is any real formula. For me personally it’s about whether I want to tell that story or not. Does it come from my heart and does it feel real for me? I am a director’s actor and I put myself in their hands and I trust their story. I think trust is the most important thing between an actor and his or her director.

Since I also do a movie review podcast, I wanted to ask you to choose one specific film that has influenced and entertained you over the years. What makes this movie unique for you?

A favorite film is very hard to pinpoint as there is so much great cinema out there but I would say that a more recent film that I am really blown away by is The Mule directed By Clint Eastwood. That man is something else, to act and direct is not an easy feat and to do it not just successfully but also with such intensity is really amazing.

Dhanush in “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir.” (Golden Ration Films)

Has your motivations as an actor and storyteller changed or evolved since you started on your journey? 

I think that as an actor or artist you have to keep evolving. If you don’t keep learning you stagnate. In today’s day and age it is essential not to take the appreciation of the audiences for granted. There is a lot of exposure and it’s important to keep up.  In-fact I would say learning is one of the biggest parts of an actor’s craft. As for my motivation, I try not to overthink any decision, if a story feels right to me or a film feels right to me that’s the main reason for me to do it.

***The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir is now playing nationwide.

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