Deepest Dream 2016 – 1000 Movies & ‘CinemAddicts’


A little over two years into the creation of Deepest Dream, I’m still learning a ton about how to grow the site and apportioning my time to various responsibilities (I’m a co-editor of Hollywood Outbreak and a partner in the new site Find Your Seen). On top of that, I’m excited about two of my 2016 ventures with launching the new show CinemAddicts and watching 1,000 movies!

CinemAddicts, a program I’ve started with Anderson Cowan, will have us review 2 new movies per week. During the final segment, I’ll give a Blu-ray or DVD pick of the week, and Anderson will throw in his personal Netflix or Amazon pick of the week (he loves to stream movies, I prefer mine via hard copy).

The goal of CinemAddicts is to have a lively conversation about films, as we both are madly in love with movies (the good ones of course!). Along with hopefully informing listeners on great flicks to watch, we’re also open to hearing about movies which we may have ignored (the dream is to have a true connection with the listeners) Below is a preview of CinemAddicts:

As for watching 1,000 movies, the idea actually didn’t come as a way to promote CinemAddicts (although I will periodically mention that endeavor on the show). Having been a part of the press junket scene since 1991, I’ve watched a ton of movies for work but haven’t scheduled enough time to check out the films I really want to see (for example, Seven Samurai and Rashomon are the only two Akira Kurosawa films I’ve watched – and that has to change!).

I figured three movies a day will help me get to that mark in due time, but obviously that schedule will be compromised as life always seems to get in the way. I’m slightly behind my pace thus far, but I’ll pick up the pays as soon as I get my groove. Here are the movies that I’ve watched as part of the 1,000:

  1. Duck, You Sucker – My favorite Sergio Leone Western – and that’s saying a lot considering The Man With No Name trilogy and Once Upon A Time in the West!
  2. The Sniper – This 1952 flick centers on a mentally unbalanced man who is fixated on killing women. Directed by Edward Dmytryk, the man behind the top notch film noir – Crossfire.
  3. The Lineup – Heroin smuggling is running amok in San Francisco, and Eli Wallach is one of the gangsters who’s tasked with retrieving the goods. This 1958 movie was directed by Don Siegel, best known for directing Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.
  4. Before I Go To Sleep – Nicole Kidman thriller that’s pretty good until a sappy ending!
  5. Tracks – Mia Wasikowska goes on a journey through Australia. Based on a true story, the film’s a must-see, especially if you love such journeys into nature movies like Walkabout and Into The Wild.
  6. Murder By Contract – Another film noir that is part of a DVD collection I own (the Amazon link is below – just in case you’re in the mood!). This was my favorite film of the bunch, as Ben Casey actor Vince Edwards plays a hitman who ventures to Los Angeles for his latest job. His sociopathic mojo, however, is temporarily derailed after discovering his next victim is a woman!
  7. Hachi A Dog’s Tale – This dog movie starring Richard Gere, if you haven’t already seen it, will get you teary eyed.
  8. Short Term 12 – As much as I love indie films, this one slipped through the cracks. Just stating the obvious, but Brie Larson’s acting chops is off the charts.
  9. Nasty Baby – recently released on DVD, my review on this Kristen Wiig film is posted on Hollywood Outbreak.
  10. The Visit – M. Night Shyamalan chiller that hits Blu-ray and DVD today. One of his best outings to date.

Along with CinemAddicts and my year of movie gorging, I’ll continue to post more stories on Deepest Dream. I’ll also be hosting more giveaways on this site and, in general, give much more coverage in the Film, TV, and Gaming world on Deepest Dream. That’s the hope at least, and with a continued lack of sleep these goals will be met!

Happy New Year!!



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