Dana Abraham, Kim Coates, Neon Lights, Alba Baptista, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris


For the latest installment of Flick City, I interview Neon Lights writer/actor Dana Abraham and co-star Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy). I also had a quick talk with Alba Baptista who stars opposite Lesley Manville in Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris. Both movies I enjoyed for different reasons. Audio interviews are in the post.

Dana Abraham and Kim Coates in NEON LIGHTS (Momentum Pictures)

Neon Lights is a total mind trip of a narrative. Tech tycoon Clay Amani (Dana Abraham) is a social introvert, and his plans for an off the grid family reunion turns into a tragic event. Kim Coates is a mysterious figure who has a negative influence on Clay, and Brenna Coates is the therapist who is trying to get Clay to face his demons.

During the interview with Abraham, I complimented him on the deft mixture of thriller tropes and a very important theme (mental health). It’s an interesting movie with layers galore, and I appreciated that this feature kept me off balance all throughout the story. The first part of the podcasts features my 1:1 interviews with Abraham and Coates.

Neon Lights hits Digital and On Demand July 12. Check out my interview with Abraham and Coates below:

I will also be posting Dana Abraham’s thoughts on the ending of Neon Lights. Spoiler discussions are exclusive for our CinemAddicts Patreon members.

Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris is one of my favorite films of the year. Lesley Manville is the titular character, a kindhearted cleaning lady in 1950s London with dreams of buying a couture Dior dress. Alba Baptista (The Warrior Nun) is Natasha, a model who is considered the “face of Dior.” Natasha is just one of the friends Mrs. Harris makes along her fashion journey in the City of Light. Isabelle Huppert, Jason Isaacs, Ellen Thomas, and Rose Williams round out the ensemble (and they each deliver solid supporting work).

Lesley Manville stars as Mrs. Harris and Alba Baptista as Natasha in director Tony Fabian’s MRS.HARRIS GOES TO PARIS, a Focus Features release. Credit: Dávid Lukács / © 2021 Ada Films Ltd – Harris Squared Kft

Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris hits theaters July 15. Check out my interview with Baptista on Apple Podcasts:

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