Clark Beckham & Carrie Underwood Give ‘American Idol’ Advice

The final auditions for American Idol’s last season is upon us, and for more information on the dates and cities that are still open to show your singing talents, click here. But before you head off for your audition, listen to some sage advice from American Idol vets Clark Beckham and Carrie Underwood.

“My advice for people coming to audition is realize that you have something unique and something that you can offer to music that no one else in the world can,” says Beckham who was runner-up on last season’s American Idol.

Here’s Clark Beckham’s full answer:

Carrie Underwood, who was crowned the American Idol champ back in 2005, offers this piece of advice for singers:

“You just can’t leave anything out there on the table,” says Underwood. “I wish there was one sentence – one thing – that I could tell everybody that would make their life easier on the show. But you just have to give it your all.”

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