Christian Bale Gets “Goosebumps” Every Time He Sees ‘Ford v. Ferrari’

Christian Bale, Matt Damon - premiere of "Ford v Ferrari." CR: Eric Charbonneau
Ford v Ferrari centers on British driver/mechanic Kevin Miles (Christian Bale) and American car designer Carroll Shelby’s (Matt Damon) attempt to build a race car for Ford Motor Company and compete at France’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. During the Ford v Ferrari premiere, Bale discussed why he loves playing real characters and what makes the feature a “really moving” tale.

Matt Damon and Christian Bale in Twentieth Century Fox’s FORD V. FERRARI. CR: Merrick Morton

Christian Bale has played Moses (Exodus: Gods and Kings), G-Man Melvin Purvis (Public Enemies), Dick Cheney (Vice) and Dicky Eklund (Bale received a Supporting Actor Oscar for The Fighter), so playing real human beings is not exactly a foreign thing.

“There’s a wealth of information that you get when it’s a real character,” said Bale at the premiere of Ford v Ferrari. “You’re freed up from thinking that you be making choices that could be construed as egotistical or trying to do things that aren’t necessarily the best for the film. When you have a character that is real – you have the mannerisms, you have everything, they’re there for all to see so you go to the director and go ‘Look that’s what he did.’ It gives you that extra confidence. I actually enjoy it a lot – playing real characters.”

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Ford v Ferrari, co-starring Jon Bernthal and Tracy Letts, hits theaters November 15.