Carter Smith On The “Complicated Friendship” Behind ‘The Passenger’

The picture is headlined by Kyle Gallner and Johnny Berchtold.


I was absolutely floored by The Passenger, a thriller starring Kyle Gallner and Johnny Berchtold. All of us at CinemAddicts gave The Passenger five stars, and co-host Eric Holmes talked to director Carter Smith about his first rate feature.

Liza Weil as Miss Beard, Johnny Berchtold as Randolph Bradley, and Kyle Gallner as Benson in the thriller drama film, THE PASSENGER a Paramount Home Entertainment and MGM+ release. Photo courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment and MGM+

The Passenger centers on Randy (Johnny Berchtold), an introverted youth who goes on a dangerous road trip with his co-worker Benson (Kyle Gallner). After a tragic incident occurs at their place of employ (a fast food restaurant), Benson and Randy are on the run. Scarred by a past trauma, Randy goes through a nightmarish ordeal with Benson and the people they meet along the way may not live to see another day. The ensemble includes Liza Weil as Randy’s former schoolteacher and Morgana Shaw as Benson’s mom.

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Check out the full interview with director Carter Smith below. During the interview, Smith talks about shooting in New Orleans and working with Blumhouse Television.

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