Bonin Bough Talks ‘Cleveland Hustles’ And LeBron James Collaboration



Premiering tonight on CNBC (10 pm et/pt), Cleveland Hustles centers on eight ambitious entrepreneurs who are competing to receive financial backing and support for their respective enterprise. Hosted by Bonin Bough, the program is executive produced by NBA champ LeBron James and his longtime colleague/business partner Maverick Carter.

Though the show will obviously have its entertainment value as we’ll follow their hectic and hopefully fulfilling careers, Cleveland Hustles’ main thrust is to spotlight and participate in the revitalization of a city.

During a recent interview, I asked Bough what makes LeBron James a unique businessman and person:

“We’re doing it in Cleveland today (and) hopefully another city tomorrow and a city after that. It’s using local entrepreneurs. Not only does he put his teammates first, but he puts what’s more important for the growth of a community, the growth of people. He really believes in that. And when you look at the businesses that he owns and that he runs, you can see that (manifestation).  There are a lot of shows (that is about) investing in companies, but these are companies that are going to build storefronts in downtrodden neighborhoods and on top of that are going to stay in Cleveland and bring jobs back.” – Bonin Bough

To hear Bough’s full answer on working with LeBron James and what makes Cleveland Hustles a unique show, click on the media bar below: