Billy Hanson Talks Multi-Layered Approach Behind ‘Bone Cold’


Now out on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD, Bone Cold is a multi-layered action-thriller that both CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes and I love.

Bone Cold centers on Jon (Jonathan Stoddard), an elite sniper who is on a last minute mission that goes sideways. Matt Munroe is Marco, his sarcastic and supportive spotter who tries to keep Jon on an even keel. Jon’s efficiency and dedication to his job leads to PTSD that affects himself, his wife (Jennifer Khoe) and daughter (Trinity Bliss).

Check out our review of Bone Cold on the latest episode of CinemAddicts:

Part action thriller and hard hitting domestic drama, Bone Cold is a multi-layered story that is pretty ambitious considering its indie budget. The sniper missions, as Eric noted in his review, are tense and well executed. Jon’s damaged relationship with his family is told in an uncompromising fashion. It’s also pretty inspiring to learn that writer/director Billy Hanson financed the film himself.

Jonathan Stoddard in “Bone Cold” (Well Go USA Entertainment)

Video and audio version of our interview with Billy Hanson:

Bone Cold is now out on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD via Well Go USA Entertainment.