“Behind The Lens” Interviews Anne Hathaway & Director Deon Taylor

It’s been a pleasure serving as a co-host for Behind The Lens, the film centric program created and hosted by Debbie Lynn Elias. Last week’s episode featured an in-depth interview with Supremacy director Deon Taylor, plus coverage of the films Song One (featuring interviews w/ Anne Hathaway, Jenny Lewisand Johnathan Lewis) and Strange Magic.

Elias, whose reviews and features can be found on moviesharkdeblore.com,  also discussed her love for TCM and its #TCMParty presence on Twitter. Also, if you check out the video below, part of “Behind The Lens” also features visual aids, as Elias digs up a couple of her favorite movie books from her extensive collection every week.

I’ll be joining Elias for the next “Behind The Lens” installment, as Edward James Olmos (“American Me,” “Miami Vice”) is scheduled to talk about the documentary “Energizing Our World.” Plus, if you love the Backstreet Boys, Elias has an exclusive interview with “Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” director Stephen Kijak.

“Behind The Lens” episode goes live Monday, February 2 at 11 a.m. pt on adrenalineradio.com.

Behind The Lens - hosted by debbie lynn elias
Behind The Lens – hosted by debbie lynn elias