‘Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché’ Interview With Director Pamela B. Green

Still from the 1917 Alice Guy-Blaché feature "When You And I Were Young"

The documentary Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché centers on the life of the first female pioneer in cinema. The Find Your Film crew devoted an entire episode on Alice Guy-Blaché and her work, and it was obviously fitting to have director/producer/co-writer/editor Pamela B. Green on the program to discuss her ambitious project.

FILMMAKER ALICE GUY-BLACHÉ Courtesy of Be Natural Productions

Narrated by Jodie Foster (who also executive produced), Be Told: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché brings a detective approach to the proceedings. Filmmaker Pamela B. Green has a lifelong passion for mystery solving, and 70% of new information about Guy-Blache’s life were discovered during the nearly 10 years it took to make the documentary.

Director Pamela B. Green headshot

During the interview, Green talked about the challenges of getting funding for the movie (late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner were among the backers) and balancing her daily job (she is the owner of Pic Agency) with editing the feature.


“I was searching for meaning,” said Green during the interview. “And I think subjects find you. I feel like Alice and I found each other.


You can rent Be Told: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché on Amazon Prime Video and also purchase the DVD on the film’s official website. For updates on where the documentary is screening, check out the doc’s Facebook Page.

Take a listen to my interview with Pamela B. Green below: 

You can also listen to the episode via Spotify below. Also included is a breakdown of the interview w/ Pamela B. Green:

:59 – Pamela B. Green talks about spending nearly 10 years of her life on the film.
2:19 – Approaching the documentary from a detective story POV.
4:00 – One of Green’s biggest goals is to get the project seen in as many countries as possible.
5:50 – Hugh Hefner donated $500,000 to the documentary.
6:50 – This was the first film Green edited.
10:00 – She mentions famed cinematographer John Bailey and editor Walter Murch (both are featured in the project).
11:01 – Green’s crazy work hours barely gave her enough time to sleep.
18:00 – Alice Guy-Blaché growth as a filmmaker.
21:49 – Guy-Blaché fought to properly place her name in cinema history and to correct innacuracies.
23:30 – Green enjoyed reading on Guy-Blaché’s memoirs and that was one of the reasons why she was set on making the documentary.
24:14 – Green is working on a detective TV series.





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