Alexis Gambis Talks “Science New Wave,” Labocine And Connection To Cinema


Scientific storyteling does not have to be relegated to books and documents. Cinema’s possibilities continue to grow, and the “Science New Wave” attempts to expand that world through its unique point of view. The website Labocine serves as the portal for the “Science New Wave,” and biologist turned filmmaker Alexis Gambis talked about the site and this new cinematic movement.

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Labocine is a streaming platform that’s trying to basically bridge scientific ideas and cinema,” said Alexis Gambis, who directed the critically acclaimed 2020 feature Son of Monarchs. “If you make a film and make a documentary, you may have a biologist, you may have a filmmaker, you may have an animator. So the platform is trying to kind of elevate sort of the many different types of people that come together that are stitched together to make this film. And to some extent, we’re trying to disrupt a little bit the streaming world. Like, you know, when you when you go to Netflix or HBO, it’s very much about watching the film. But we also want to kind of emphasize in this case, the people that are involved in making these films.”

Explorting the “Science New Wave” is done through different ways. If you want a monthly, curated theme in magazine form, it exists in Labocine. You can join its habitat and share your own scientific storytelling journey. Film submissions are also welcome on Labocine, and ultimately Gambis aims to build a sustainable ecosystem within this movement.

For more information on the “Science New Wave” and Labocine, check out CinemAddicts hosts Eric Holmes’ interview with Alexis Gambis.