Aidan Bristow Recounts Acting And Producing Experience With Horror Thriller ‘The Believer’

Aidan Bristow stars in The Believer as Lucas, an unemployed nuclear scientist who is close to mental deterioration after his wife Violet (Sophia Kargman) becomes obsessed with the occult. Billy Zane co-stars as Dr. Benedict, the therapist Lucas consults for some much needed clairifcation. Bristow talked to Deepest Dream about his labor of love indie project which he also produced.

The Believer marks Aidan Bristow’s producing debut. Working with friends Shan Serafin (the film’s director/writer) and co-star (and fellow producer) Sophie Kargman enhanced the production’s creative value.

Aidan Bristow and Sophie Kargman in “The Believer”

That said, producing a film is a monumental undertaking, and Bristow recounts the challenges of balancing both jobs during shooting. Although this is an independent feature, The Believer was not just a run and gun situation. Bristow, Serafin, and Kargman worked on the rehearsal process for an estimated five months, which is a total luxury in the film world.

Having veteran actor Billy Zane as part of the ensemble was also a plus for The Believer, and he talked about collaborating with Zane on the project as well. The Believer is now available on Digital.

Aidan Bristow Interview for The Believer:
0:28 – Why the movie is more of a psychological thriller lthan a pure horror film.
2:14 – Aidan Bristow’s previous working relationship with Sophie Kargman
4:01 – Finding the perfect house for The Believer was a definite challenge!
5:52 – Working with co-star Billy Zane
7:33 – On the labor of love aspect of producing
12:57 – One of his Aidan Bristow’s favorite movies is Closer (starring Natalie Portman and Jude Law)

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