’24’ Star Kiefer Sutherland on Jack Bauer’s Popularity & Evolution


Kiefer Sutherland is back as Jack Bauer for a 12-episode run on 24: Live Another Day. The special event, whose two-hour premiere is slated for Monday, May 5 (Fox, 8 pm et/pt) features Jack Bauer reteaming with Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) in London. Since its November 6, 2001 premieres, 24 has garnered 73 Emmy nominations which eventually led to an Outstanding Drama Series win in 2006. Sutherland has also received Golden Globe and Emmy awards for his work as Bauer.


24: Live Another Day (FOX, CR: Daniel Smith)

During a recent interview, Sutherland explained the secrets to the franchise’s staying power. “Well, the format is interesting ,you know, I mean the format is exciting, but inherently at the root of the character,” said the actor, who also starred in the TV series Touch.  “This is a guy who’s trying to do the right thing and in many cases succeeds at the large goal, but invariably loses in smaller ones.  And so, I think very much like life you might get the raves and the promotion, but your child isn’t doing as well in school this year for some reason because maybe you’re not at home as much.  Nothing’s black and white, nothing’s that clear cut.”

In the clip below, Sutherland talks about the evolution of Jack Bauer and 24 over the years, and he also explains why audiences simply can’t get enough of the series: