‘Wander’ Director April Mullen On Taking Big Swings And Collaborating With Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart delivers a heartbreaking and ennervating performance in Wander, a thriller directed by April Mullen which simply floored me. Mullen’s visceral and bracing visual approach had me on board with Wander from the jump, and during our interview she talked about crafting the film’s narrative landscape. Our chat is available below on video and podcast form!!

Aaron Eckhart and Tommy Lee Jones in “Wander.” (Saban Films)

Wander centers on Arthur Bretnik (Aaron Eckart), a private investigator and podcaster embarks on an investigation that, if solved, may shed light on the mysterious death of his daughter. Jimmy Cleats (Tommy Lee Jones) is Arthur’s colleague who also believes that the proverbial truth is out there, and Heather Graham co-stars as Arthur’s understandably concerned confidante Shelley.

During the talk, director April Mullen talked about how she and writer Tim Doiron love taking “big swings” with their films, and Wander flourishes in that risk taking. “I really tried to come up with a film language that didn’t get too much in the way with you investing in Arthur but also was something cinematically new and refreshing and hopefully enertaining at the same time,” said Mullen. “Visually, I’m obsessed with detail. My binder is always very full and thick and I love working the cinematographer. Lighting is everything to me, including whatever you see in the frame.”

“Wander” film by Wango Films

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