‘The Fire That Took Her’ Documentary Streams On Paramount+ May 23

The documentary, which centers on Judy Malinowski's murder case, is directed and produced by Patricia E. Gillespie.

'The Fire That Took Her' - MTV Documentary Films

The Fire That Took Her, a documentary which investigates the Judy Malinowski murder case, hits Paramount+ May 23. Malinowski set a legal precedent by becoming the fist woman to testify at a trial on her murder. She gave a deposition at her hospital bed months before her passing.

Directed and produced by Patricia E. Gillespie, The Fire That Took Her had an extensive festival run (including the Woodstook Film Festival and Newport Beach Film Festival). I have received early access to the documentary and will review it next week.

The Fire That Took Her, executive produced by Sheila Nevins, streams exclusively on Paramount+ starting May 23.

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